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EarthScope/TA Featured on the Weather Channel

The EarthScope/Transportable Array program was highlighted on the Weather Channel in an April 26th report by correspondent Dave Malkoff, titled "A CT Scan for the Earth." The segment included the actual installation of an EarthScope/TA vault in Virginia, and featured appearances by several EarthScope/TA team members, a discussion on the need for computerized tomography of the earth's interior, and an animation of the effects of Hurricane Sandy as seen by the Transportable Array.

View this informative two-and-a-quarter-minute-long video. Selected highlights follow.


Mike Couch of EarthScope/TA is shown installing a Streckeisen STS-2 broadband seismometer. While the Weather Channel correspondent described these sensors as "a new kind of detector," they have been used in the field for a few decades.



Doan Nguyen of EarthScope/TA discusses the seismometer's capabilities from inside the vault.



Associate Professor Steve Whitmeyer, of James Madison University (to the left), discusses the workings of EarthScope with Dave Malkoff of the Weather Channel (on the right).




The effects of 2012's Hurricane Sandy were presented using EarthScope/TA measurements.




The EarthScope logo was highlighted in the segment showing the sealing of the new vault.


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