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IRIS/PASSCAL Facility featured on KRQE News 13

The IRIS/PASSCAL Instrument Center was featured in a three-minute video aired on August 22nd, 2016 by Albuquerque, NM station KRQE-TV-13. The video, which included segments on other New Mexico Tech research facilities (EMRTC, Langmuir Lightning Lab, the Magdalena Ridge Observatory, and at Mt. Erebus in Antarctica) can be seen here.


IRIS/PASSCAL isn't mentioned until the end of the video; perhaps KRQE saved the best for last. Here are some clips from the video, and some pictures of the filming, which was done by KRQE News 13's pilot reporter Bob Martin1.




Here, Senior Staff Scientist/ Seismometer Specialist Derry Webb is shown repairing a delicate broadband seismometer.




Staff Scientist/Polar Projects Field Engineer Philip Chung, in the IRIS/PASSCAL warehouse, preparing some Q330 balers for shipment to the antarctic.




Staff Scientist/Hardware Engineer Saminda Fonseka checks the performance of some seismometers.









Here, KRQE's Bob Martin is shown filming the segment in the IRIS/PASSCAL sensor lab.

1. Bob Martin perished in a helicopter accident on September 16, 2017.

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