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Node Use Policy

PASSCAL Node Usage and Support Policy Version 1.0 2/27/2019 Introduction

This policy clarifies the responsibilities and support provided by the PASSCAL Instrument Center for node experiments utilizing the IRIS/PASSCAL node pool. The primary drivers behind this policy are as follows:

To clarify PASSCAL and the PI’s roles and responsibilities for nodal experiments

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Shipping for Experiments


The cost of shipping PASSCAL equipment to and from field experiments is the responsibility of the requesting institution. Accurate estimates of these shipping costs are important because they may constitute a significant portion of project budget.

Shipping costs incurred by the PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) are billed to the experiment through IRIS Headquarters. Please allow 2 months for receipt of this bill. If you have not received a bill by this time please contact IRIS.

To obtain accurate price quotes from shipping companies, you will need:

point of origin  final destination  projected pick up date projected delivery date total number of pallets (including an individual piece count) total weight

volume (l x w x h)

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Governing Policies

A variety of policies govern the use of PASSCAL and EarthScope Flexible Array equipment, and the support provided by the PASSCAL Instrument Center. These policies are vetted by the PASSCAL Standing Committee and the USArray Advisory Committee (see for more information about IRIS govenance and committee membership and charge). Links to PASSCAL policies are listed below:

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Instrument Use Agreement

Principal Investigator: _________________________


Experiment: ________________


Portable field recording equipment, field computers and other associated equipment purchased by the PASSCAL Program are being made available to the experiment referenced above. In return for the use of this equipment, the Principal Investigator (PI) is expected to adhere to the following conditions with respect to the operation, care and disposition of the equipment and data obtained:

1. Copies of all data sets acquired with the instruments will be made available to the IRIS Data Management Center in accordance with the PASSCAL Data Delivery Policy.


November 1, 2017
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Instrument Use Policy

Sept 12, 2006 INTRODUCTION

Portable field recording equipment and field computers purchased by the PASSCAL Program are available to any research or educational institution to use for research purposes within the guidelines established in this document. The intent of these guidelines is to establish the procedures to enable investigators to request the instruments, to let them know what requirements and responsibilities are incurred in borrowing the equipment and to know when and how the decisions on instrument allocation will be made.

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