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Hold on a minute... I want my data in SEG-Y format


All data requests of PH5 format data sets are fulfilled as either SEG-Y or PASSCAL SEG-Y.


Receiver gather plotted as would be for archival review, 2006 Chesapeake Crater Experiment, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia.

The researcher has previously been at the mercy of the archiver who processed and cut the data into SEG-Y gathers; this is less so with a PH5 data set.  In most cases the entire data set is stored within the PH5 file.  The data requester may review the geometry, chose the subarray of interest and decide how much time within the gather precedes the shot and the gather's duration.

PASSCAL supports the software to build the PH5 file and also provides a tool to produce SEG-Y gathers or PASSCAL SEGY trace files.  Contact passcal [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (PASSCAL) for more information regarding software availability.

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