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PH5 vs SEG-Y: Archival Data Format Comparison

PH5, clearly a better choice as an archival data format.


Comparison Category



Time series length Essentially unlimited 32766 samples
Data set archive-able with incomplete meta-data? Yes* No
Customizable gather parameters set during archiver data request? Yes No
Meta-data correctable after archiving? Yes No
Need for reprocessing or re-archiving? Rare Whenever meta-data change, for example shot time corrections
Complete data storage? Yes No, unless the experiment is considered an Earthscope FlexArray project
State of health data storage? Yes No
Tracking of archived reports? Yes No
Potential for meta-data queries? Yes Limited to IRIS DMC forms completed by PI
Ability to store instrument and datalogger responses? Yes, in RESP file format No


All PH5 data sets are available from the IRIS DMC as requester-configurable SEG-Y gathers or PASSCAL SEG-Y files.  The SEG-Y files are built at the time of a data request, hence the flexibility in gather parameters (start time, duration (within the limits of SEG-Y), and selected arrays for those data sets with multiple arrays.

*Note: archiving raw data without meta-data or with incomplete meta-data does not satisfy the PASSCAL Data Delivery Policy.