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Data Loggers

Pegasus Datalogger

The Pegasus is a 3 channel high-resolution data logger. It is very low power and easily configurable via a handheld device. The Pegasus is lightweight and small in form factor. The Pegasus has 32 gigabytes of internal recording space, and is downloaded via free software through USB. It supplies MiniSEED data along with StationXML to smoothly allow data archival. It also has built-in sensor controls, automatic mass re-centering, and calibration functions. The Pegasus is currently supplied as a set with a Trillium Compact sensor for a small station footprint and ease of installation.


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All-In-One Systems

All-In-One systems combine seismic sensors with their dataloggers in a single, easily-deployed unit. Because these units do not require numerous cables to connect a sensor to its datalogger, they avoid many serious problems associated with cables, such as incorrect connector types, broken and chewed wires, or damaged pins. They are also much easier to deploy than conventional sensor/datalogger combinations. Their use can dramatically cut down on both station installation times and the number of required personnel. Their smaller size can also be very beneficial for deployments using volume-limited transportation methods, such as sea vessels.

Because Nodes and SmartSolos both utilize lithium batteries that operate above the 100Wh threshold, shipping of more than 2 units produced by either vendor will require special handling, including: packing, marking and documentation. Special handling, if needed, will require the assistance of a certified dangerous goods shipper.

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Smart Solo IGU-16HR 3C

The Smart Solo IGU-16HR 3C is a compact all-in-one 3-channel sensor & datalogger with onboard GPS timing, and a self-contained power supply. Similar to the FairfieldNodal ZLand 3C, it has been adopted by the academic community as a useful sensor for both active and short-term passive experiments.

The units require a pre-deployment plan to be filled out with the sample rate, gain, and minimum or linear phase specified. The units must be sent back to PASSCAL for data offload, unless the portable harvester system is requested for the experiment.


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Magseis Fairfield ZLand 3C Node - 3-Channel All in One, Sensor and Datalogger

The FairfieldNodal ZLand 3C is a compact all-in-one 3-channel sensor & datalogger with onboard GPS timing, and a self contained power supply. Originally designed for use in large N industry deployments, it has been adopted by the academic community as a useful sensor for both active and short-term passive deployments.

Unlike other sensors & dataloggers at PASSCAL, use of the ZLand 3C requires a deployment plan to be filed in advance with PASSCAL for handheld unit pre-programming.  Likewise, the units must be sent back to PASSCAL for data offload.

Equipment Certification

All equipment, especially dataloggers, sensors and cables, are cleaned and comprehensively tested when they arrive at the PIC, regardless of whether the equipment are newly delivered from the manufacturer or being returned from an experiment.  PASSCAL makes every effort to ensure that all equipment are operating to the manufacturers specifications, and that all on-board consumables (such as betteries, etc) are fresh.

This article contains links to pages on procedures and metrics employed in the routine certification of:

Sensors Dataloggers
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A datalogger (also know as data acquisition system or DAS) is piece of electronic equipment which converts an input into a digital time series representation. Immense care should be taken when setting up and programming a datalogger. It is highly recommended that only experienced users program their own dataloggers and all others should consult a PASSCAL staff member for assistance.

While specific procedures and programming details will vary between the various types of dataloggers, there are several things that hold true when working with any datalogger.

The datalogger should be:

Stratavisor Datalogger


Suitable for seismic reflection, refraction, downhole, crosshole, tomography, surface wave, or marine surveys, and seismic monitoring. System is housed in portable, ruggedized case with built-in, daylight-visible 800x600 color LCD and thermal graphics printer.

Operates under Windows XP multi-tasking OS and runs on Pentium-class processor.

High-speed over-sampling combined with digital signal processing provide a 24-bit result using Crystal Semiconductor sigma-delta A/D converters.

Geode Datalogger


System consists of one 24-channel Geodes, with two built-in high-speed connections to interface with other Geodes and a PC-compatible controller or the StrataVisor NZ seismograph.

Suitable for reflection, refraction, downhole, crosshole, surface wave, and tomography surveys, and seismic monitoring.

Multi-Channel Dataloggers

PASSCAL has been upgrading its pool of Multi-Channel Dataloggers in recent years to include multiple ES-3000 Geodes and a 60 Channel Strata View NZXP. These upgrades are also compatible with all of PASSCAL's Multi-Channel Cable System, which were originally purchased for use with the Geometrics StrataVisor NX. These  Units employ a new concept in portable exploration seismographs. They combine the ruggedness and high signal quality of a distributed system with the convenience and cost effectiveness of personal computer-based control devices. See Geode and Stratavisor Dataloggers for more Details.


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