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PH5: Why Another Archival Data Format?



       The impetus to provide a new data format for archiving stems from the inherent limitations with respect to the use of SEG-Y as a data archiving format, limitations such as: requiring vetted meta-data prior to converting the data into SEG-Y files, un-editable meta-data within the file, and inflexible, static data gathers.

Computers and hardware ready for data download. at the High Lava Plains experiment, Burns, Oregon 2008.

PH5 addresses these limitations of SEG-Y as it:

  • allows the user to archive all waveforms early in the archiving process, minimizing meta-data problems from inhibiting the start of the archiving process. 
  • allows for the editing of the meta-data in data sets already archived, saving the archiver time and effort, otherwise necessary for reprocessing and re-archiving a data set.

  • provides for customizable data requests, where the user may request data, defining a unique start time and duration, in multiple formats; current formats available include SEG-Y and PASSCAL SEG-Y.