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Remembering Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler's life was celebrated on June 27th at the PASSCAL Instrument Center. Members of Jim's family, as well as IRIS/PASSCAL team members from both the past and the present, were on hand to share memories of Jim's life and his career with the PASSCAL Instrument Center.

Image: Fowler family members visiting the Jim Fowler Seismometer Testing Observatory, located at the PASSCAL Instrument Center in Socorro, NM.







The Jim Fowler Seismometer Testing Observatory was dedicated on March 28th, 2012.





The PASSCAL Instrument Center was readied for the remembrance both inside and outside.





A guest book was provided for attendees to sign in.





PIC's logistics lead Pnina Miller and former warehouse supervisor Mike Gorton are caught waiting for the beginning of the festivities.




Several members of the Fowler family made the trip to Socorro to attend the remembrance.  Appearing left-to-right: Cynthia Fowler, Lea Fowler, her husband Jeff Fowler (holding baby Milada), Jim and Cynthia's grandson Dakota Fowler, and Dakota's father, David Fowler.





Cynthia Fowler visits with former PASSCAL principal investigator Rick Aster, TA site coordinator Sandy Azevedo, and former sensor specialist Pete Ulbricht.





PASSCAL director Bruce Beaudoin shares his memories of working with Jim.






PASSCAL's Q330 lab was remodeled temporarily to accommodate the large audience gathered for the remembrance.





IRIS data services director Tim Ahern talks about Jim's huge impact on the early days of IRIS and PASSCAL.


This panorama shows the audience listening intently during Tim Ahern's remarks. (Click on the image to see a larger version.)





Former IRIS deputy program manager Marcos Alvarez shares his stories of working with Jim.





PASSCAL's first principal investigator, Rick Aster (now at Colorado State University) talks about Jim's legacy.





IRIS director of instrumentation services Bob Woodward discusses what it was like working with Jim in the early days of IRIS/PASSCAL .




Mary Templeton, USArray data control analyst for IRIS, recollects Jim's effect on her career and those of others.





PASSCAL's former assistant director, Mike Fort, recalls his interactions with Jim.




IRIS/PASSCAL staff and visitors are shown enjoying the proceedings along with Jim's family.




After the speeches, PASSCAL director Bruce Beaudoin  took the extended Fowler family on a tour of the IRIS/PASSCAL Instrument Center. Here, family members are shown inspecting a broadband vault installation.





Bruce leads the Fowler family into the Jim Fowler Seismometer Testing Observatory at the culmination of the afternoon's activities.  Jim's important efforts will be appreciated at IRIS/PASSCAL for many years to come.


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