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How can I request an extension for currently deployed instruments?

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What is the procedure to request an extension for currently deployed instruments?
Experiment Schedule

You can get to your old requests via the PI Home Page.

There, after you are logged in1, you will see a dropdown box titled "My Experiments" which displays your experiments.  Select the appropriate active experiment from the dropdown, and then click "Select Experiment Shown in Dropdown."

Then, you can click the new button titled "Ask for modifications to Selected Instrument Request." This will take you back to the Instrument Request form, which will be filled in already with your original request amounts and dates.  Make your adjustments to the dates, check the "Read the policy" box on the Submit tab, and submit the changed request. 

PASSCAL scheduling staff will receive your request, and will consider if it can be accommodated within the current Schedule.

1.If you don't yet have an account, you can request one from the PI Home Page.