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qmerge and miniseed files

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Dear, I'm trying to run qmerge on guralp miniseed data. <br />I've attached a pql screen shot with : <br />- 1 hour "raw guralp miniseed" on the bottom <br />- and three 20minutes miniseed files after : <br />qmerge -b256 -P 20M 2012.01.30-0500-T79-HHZ-00-CF.mseed <br /><br />So running qmerge, msrepack on these datas make appear plenty gaps. <br />If you need dataset, I can send it. <br />I've contact Guralp and here is their answer. <br /><br />"I think that your quickest route to a solution is to report the problem to PASSCAL. We are not trying to avoid responsibility here: if it turns out that the problem is with the way we are writing miniSEED then we will work hard to resolve it as soon as possible. Our problem at the moment is that, to understand why the process is failing, we would need to understand the code to qmerge, which we did not write and have not studied. The PASSCAL developers are much better placed to carry out this step." <br /><br />If you need further informations, don't hesitate to contact me. <br />Regards. <br /><br />Jean-Michel Douchain
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Hello Jean-Michel.

PASSCAL adheres to the Miniseed conventions from the DMC in Seattle. We suspect the problem might be in Guralp's specification.

We don't actively maintain qmerge - you might consider contacting its developer, Doug Neuhauser, Information Systems Manager for the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, at doug {at}, to get help with your question.

Good luck, and all best,

Dave Thomas