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Pre-AGU PASSCAL Users Workshop 2014

Late-stage graduate students! Postdocs! Researchers and faculty!

IRIS/PASSCAL Instrument Center would like to invite you to register for our PASSCAL Users Workshop to be held on Sunday December 14th, 2014 (the day before the beginning of the AGU Fall meeting). 

This year’s workshop will give an overview of the PASSCAL facility, the services we provide and how to access them.  We will have two special guest speakers, PIs who have successfully planned for an run international and large-scale PASSCAL projects.  This year's speakers are Anne Meltzer of Lehigh University (large-scale broadband deployments in Pakistan, Tibet, and Mongolia) and David Okaya of the University of Southern California (large active source projects in Taiwan, New Zealand and Japan).

But wait, there is more! The PASSCAL Program Manager, Kent Anderson, as well as the PASSCAL Director, Bruce Beaudoin, will be on hand for questions and discussion as well.  Ask questions and discuss ideas about current/future projects before AGU really starts and the talks, posters, dinners, and other meetings start clamoring for everybody's attention and time!

This workshop will be useful to anyone who has an upcoming PASSCAL supported experiment, or is planning to propose an experiment, and will be particularly useful to current graduate students and new investigators.

Shipping Best Practices

Taking care of "First things First" Once you have successfully completed your online "Instrument Use Agreement", reviewed the "Data Delivery Policy" and signed your "PI Acknowledgment", your are ready to move on to the next step. Planning is Crucial Helpful Tips "Straight from the horse's mouth" 

"Being able to import your equipment quickly is key to a successful deployment.... so don't wait until the last minute."   


"Each country is different, so ask a lot of questions and don't assume anything."

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Shipping Information

These articles discuss various aspects of shipping for PASSCAL experiments. Shipping for Experiments: Policy Shipping Best Practices Shipping Glossary Of Terms Shipping Estimate Form ("The Shipping Calculator")

For shipping questions, please contact Jackie Gonzales, via jackie [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (e-mail), or at 575.835.5560

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Shipping Logistics for Polar Programs

Antarctica Shipping

The PASSCAL Instrument Center arranges shipping for equipment used by Antarctic experiments.  PASSCAL can also arrange for shipment of your equipment along with the PASSCAL equipment to the Antarctic. Please contact passcal [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu if you wish to have your equipment included with your PASSCAL equipment Antarctic shipment.

For further information on the United States Antarctic Program logistics and shipping, visit

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Shipping for Experiments


The cost of shipping PASSCAL equipment to and from field experiments is the responsibility of the requesting institution. Accurate estimates of these shipping costs are important because they may constitute a significant portion of project budget.

Shipping costs incurred by the PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) are billed to the experiment through IRIS Headquarters. Please allow 2 months for receipt of this bill. If you have not received a bill by this time please contact IRIS.

To obtain accurate price quotes from shipping companies, you will need:

point of origin  final destination  projected pick up date projected delivery date total number of pallets (including an individual piece count) total weight

volume (l x w x h)

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