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List of PASSOFT Applications

The 24 applications provided in the latest PASSOFT installation include the following.

Package Latest Version Summary
batch2par 2020.209 Used to convert an Antelope batch file into a par file
bline 2020.323 Download data from Baler14
calday 2020.189 Displays current calendar day
ckmseed 2020.211 Find and review MSEED files
coverplot 2021.176 Plot time coverage of a dataless and MiniSEED from syncs
data2passcal 2020.213 Send MSEED files ready for archival at the DMC to PASSCAL's QC system
dataselect 3.22 Selection and sorting for seismic data in miniSEED format.
e2h 2020.203 Convert a given epoch to a human readable format
fixhdr 2020.212 Modifies mseed headers
h2e 2020.203 Convert human readable time format to epoch
julday 2021.158 Displays julian date
logpeek 2021.160 Graphical display of RT-130 SOH information
lopt 2020.205 Clock that displays GMT in PASSCAL time format
mseedpeek 2020.204 View mseed headers
msi 3.8 A general purpose tool for parsing miniSEED seismic records.
nexus-passoft 2021.204 A simple tool for creating SEED meta-data.
pql 2020.100.0rc1 An application for plotting SEED time series and spectra.
qpeek 2020.220 Logpeek for Q330's and Nanometrics data loggers
rdseed 5.3.1 Read an FDSN SEED seismic data format volume.
refscrub 2020.216 Remove select packets from RT130 data
rt2ms 2021.238 Convert raw RT130 data into day-long mseed files and write SOH logs
stationxml-seed-converter 2.1.0 FDSN StationXML SEED Converter for dataless SEED to ...
stationxml-validator 1.7.1 Validating seismic metadata in FDSN-StationXML format against a set of rules
tkeqcut 2020.216 Prepare input for either segymerge or qmerge


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