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Important Hardware/Software Notes for Researchers Using PASSCAL Equipment

This page includes important Hardware/Software Notes for Researchers Using PASSCAL Equipment. January 17, 2019: GPS Rollover

Late 2018 PASSCAL learned of a GPS week rollover event that can affect data logger performance and timing. PASSCAL has acquired a GNSS signal generator that can emulate GPS satellite signals. This satellite emulator allows us to test PASSCAL equipment that relies on GPS timing and to determine how equipment will handle the GPS rollover event. To date, we have determined that some models of GPS engines are affected by the rollover. How the rollover errors manifest is dependent on the data logger’s model and firmware version of the GPS engine.

PQL II - Program for Viewing Data

April 21, 2009


PQL II is a program for viewing time-series data in any of four formats: MSEED, SEGY,  SAC, or AH (though, to be honest, PASSCAL staff has not used the AH option). It is the second generation PQL, hence the name PQL II. Both generations of code were written by Richard Boaz and PASSCAL staff supports the code on MAC OS X, LINUX, and Solaris platforms.To install PQL II on your system, you need to go the PASSCAL download page, or directly to PQL II download on PASSCAL's FTP area.

The HELP menus for PQL II are actually helpful. Use them a lot till you get to know the program.

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PASSCAL provides open-source software for downloading seismic data from data recorders, for quality assessment, and for conversion to other data formats for analysis and archiving at the IRIS Data Management Center.

The PASSOFT package is currently being revised. More information will be posted here when the new version is available to the public.

Older packages can be downloaded from our FTP server.

The current packages available for download do not include PQL. If you wish to use PQL, you can download it here.

If you have questions, or need help, please send an email to software-support [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (Software Support).

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