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PASSCAL's PASSOFT Software has been Updated

PASSCAL provides open-source software, PASSOFT, for downloading seismic data from data recorders, for quality assessment, and for conversion to other data formats for analysis and archiving at the IRIS Data Management Center. The latest version of PASSOFT is now available for general use. It is Python 3 compatible, and can be downloaded here.

There are some significant changes in this update. For example, neo has been deprecated, and is no longer needed to convert RT130 CF cards to ZIP files. The new version of rt2ms now reads Reftek data directly, and outputs day volumes, as required for archival at the DMC. Contact the software-support [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (subject: passoft) (Software Group) if you have questions on using any of the updated applications.

A list of PASSOFT applications can be found here.

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