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Nature Magazine Marks Transportable Array Milestone

A November 5th article in the prestigious journal Nature discusses a major milestone in the Transportable Array project. In her article "US seismic array eyes its final frontier," Nature's Alexandra Witze writes

On Maine’s rugged coast, just north of the tourist town of Boothbay, an underground seismometer is listening for earthquakes. Engineers activated it on 26 September, completing the US$90-million Transportable Array, an ambitious effort to blanket the contiguous United States with a moveable grid of seismic monitors ... "As the array has moved, the whole picture of what’s under North America has gotten much sharper," says Andy Frassetto, a seismologist at the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) in Washington DC, which operates the stations.

Witze also notes that

Now, the Transportable Array’s operators are looking to the far north, in what may be its toughest challenge yet. Having almost finished the job in the lower 48 states, the seismometers will start to be relocated next spring to Alaska — by far the most seismically active US state, and not thoroughly monitored yet. ...


(07 November 2013)

Photo: Ed Clark of the Alaska Earthquake Information Center(AEIC) in Fairbanks, at Transportable Array Station TOLK near the Toolik Lake Biological Station north of the Arctic circle.

Photo Credit: Allan Sauter, IRIS/PASSCAL

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