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Transantarctic Mountains Deployments


Audrey Huerta, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at Central Washington University, has graciously provided some videos of recent installations and deployments in the Transantarctic Mountains. They include footage of using a chain saw to deploy solar panels in the ice, a time lapse of a polar seismic system installation, and thermochronology sampling while rappelling.

(Photograph courtesy NSF)

Lonewolf Nunatak installation, January 2008


Don Voigt (Penn State University) is shown using a chain saw to cut the ice for a base for the solar panels for the Transantarctic Mountains Polenet Project.

Miller Ridge Seismic Install

This is a time lapse movie of an installation of a seismic system at Miller Ridge in the Transantarctic Mountains.

The complete installation takes about 4 hours. Note the shadows encroaching as the sun sets.

Cast of Characters:

  • Audrey Huerta (Central Washington University)
  • Don Voigt (Penn State University)
  • Paul Winberry (Central Washington University)
  • Ken Borek Flying Team


Horney Bluff, Byrd Glacier


Thermochronology sampling while rappelling - 600 meters down, 400 meters to go.  This is also known as “we’re almost done.”

Cast of Characters:

PASSCAL thanks Audrey Huerta for providing these fascinating videos, and to all the participants for providing their permission to post these videos.