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PASSCAL Student Employees

Just who are those energetic students padding the halls of IRIS/PASSCAL? Here are our student interns and emergency hires.




Mia Cordova

Warehouse Lab Tech




Tyler Davis

Warehouse Lab Tech

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SiRF Clocks in the Field as of August, 2008

Number of SiRFs Exp. Number Experiment Name 4 200551 Costa Rica Subduction (Nicoya) 2 200559 HLP-lite (aka pre-HLP) 2 200604 Anatahan Volcanoes 1 200609 CAFE 3 200611 CRB-Wallowa 2 200617 PIRE 1 200622 Carpathians 1 200655 Mexico ETS
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Logpeek Example Illustrating the SiRF Timing Problem

Example of LOGPEEK display of a recent RT130 logfile with a SiRF clock attached, illustrating the timing problem. Note the DSP-CLK DIFF and JERKS/DSP SETS points.

DSP CLOCK DIFFERENCE -1 SECS and 0 MSECS messages mark the beginning of timing errors in the RT130 data, due to the SiRF clock’s erroneous time shift. The SiRF goes back and forth between correct and incorrect time over periods of hours or days. The RT130, and hence your data, will follow suit, generally with a lag of 4 hours.


‘POSSIBLE DISCREPANCY’ messages will be produced whenever the SiRF and the RT130 are not in sync. Four consecutive ‘POSSIBLE DISCREPANCY’ messages will reset (JERK) the RT130 time.

If the clock is being power cycled, the clock is locking and the RT130 is phase locking with the SiRF each time it is powered, the 4-hour lag is produced.

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RefTek RT130 Timing Errors Affecting PASSCAL and FA Experiments

August 20, 2008 Updated: December 15, 2008. Program refj31fix released

Stations Affected: RT130 connected to a 130-GPS/01 with SiRF ublox Trimble module installed (aka SiRF-type)

Description of Problem: Starting on July 31st 2008 (julian day 213 2008) the SiRF-type started to shift in time by a second.  Since the 31st July 2008 the mysterious time shifts (back and forth) continue. At present SiRF has no explanation for these time shifts.

Identifying SiRF GPS:

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New Mexico Tech to Expand PASSCAL Instrument Center

Daniel H. López, president of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) in Socorro, authorized the expansion of the on-campus building that houses the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center and the EarthScope Array Operations Facility. The 1300 square foot addition, scheduled for completion in Spring 2009, will primarily provide laboratory and office space for PASSCAL’s recently expanded Polar Program activities supported primarily by the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs.

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