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Here are some of the articles that have been recently posted to the PASSCAL website:

Station Installation

PASSCAL can help guide you through various aspects of Station Installation, including Tasks, Time required, Crews needed, Recordkeeping considerations, and Suggested Materials. For broadband experiments the PI and students come to PASSCAL for several days of training before your experiment's field campaign begins. During the training session details of the experiment's logistic and climatic conditions are discussed and considered for the station design and installation procedures.

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PICASSO - Program to Investigate Convective Alboran Sea System Overturn

"PICASSO  consists of a multidisciplinary international investigation of the Alboran Sea, Gibraltar arc, Atlas Mountains and surrounding areas in the western Mediterranean using passive and active seismology, magnetotellurics, geochemistry/petrology/structural geology, and geodynamic modeling. The project was selected as the pilot experiment for TopoEurope, an EarthScope-like initiative recently approved by the European Science Foundation. The U.S. PICASSO investigators are from Rice (Lee, Levander), the University of Oregon (Humphreys), U.C. San Diego (Seber), WHOI (Chave, Evans), and the University of Southern California (Becker, Platt)". (From Original Proposal)


The National Science Foundation, using its Rapid Response Research (RAPID) funding mechanism, is supporting a project to collect an open community dataset from a portable seismograph deployment in an aftershock study following the magnitude 8.8 earthquake that occurred off the coast of Chile on February 27, 2010. The IRIS Consortium, on behalf of its Member Institutions, will work with scientists from US universities and the University of Chile to deploy 60 broadband seismic instruments to record aftershocks for approximately six months. This community-wide coordinated approach will provide the best quality dataset that can be utilized immediately by a wide range of researchers from around the world.

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RefTek RT 130 Datalogger

The RT130 is a 3 or 6 channel high resolution datalogger. It is low power and highly configurable for a wide range of applications and sensors. It is housed in a plastic clamshell-style enclosure which is nearly waterproof and has internal data storage in the form of two compact flash cards. The RT130 can simultaneously record to the CF cards and transmit data in near-realtime using either ethernet or serial based telemetry. It has built-in sensor controls, scheduled mass recentering, and calibration functions. The RT130 is programmed with a PalmOS program called PFC-130 via the serial port.


PASSCAL Student Employees

Just who are those energetic students padding the halls of IRIS/PASSCAL? Here are our student interns and emergency hires.




Mia Cordova

Warehouse Lab Tech




Tyler Davis

Warehouse Lab Tech

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Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory (MEVO) Experiment 2008-2009

Brian Bonnett installs a MEVO station.

The PASSCAL Polar Program supported MEVO experiment was a seismic refraction experiment designed to image the magma chamber of the Mt. Erebus volcano in Antarctica. The Principle Investigators (PI's) and primary researchers involved with this experiment were Dr. Phillip Kyle, Dr. Richard Aster, Dr. Catherine Snelson, Dr. Daria Zandomeneghi and Hunter Knox. The project was funded through a grant awarded to the PI's by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs. A paper that discusses this experiment has been published in EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union entitled: “Seismic Tomography of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica” authored by Zandomeneghi et al. (See the end of the article for details.)

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