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Here are some of the articles that have been recently posted to the PASSCAL website:

Transportable Array


The Transportable Array (TA) is a gridwork of broadband seismic instruments that are being installed across the continental United States (see a map of TA stations that have been installed to date).  They are laid out in a rectangular array with approximately 75 kilometer spacing between stations stretching from Canada to Mexico and from the Pacific Ocean eastward.

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Station Enclosure Drawings

Station Enclosure Drawings   Large Enclosure:  Insulated Hardigg AL3434-2807 External dimensions:  37" x 37" x 37" Internal dimensions:  24" x 24" x 21" 2" thick vacuum insulation panel (VIP) sub-enclosure Protective polypropylene barrier between VIPs and electronics Integrated cable harness with external bulkhead connectors Year round operation with rechargeable AGM batteries   Detailed Drawings Hardigg AL3434-2807 Insulated:  Assembly Drawing with BOM

What was the Data Archiving Workshop all about?

PASSCAL provides a valuable service to the scientific community by loaning seismometers, data recorders, and other equipment to professional researchers. After the hardware installation and recovery for each experiment, the raw data are harvested from every recording disk. Sometimes there are thousands of them. The raw files are gathered and converted into standard forms called SEED or ph5 formats. The final phase of the research process, which all our users consent to when they request our equipment, is the submission of their data results for archiving at the IRIS Data Management Center. It is not always a straightforward conversion, especially for new users and students. That's when the PASSCAL Data Group steps in to help.

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PIC Workshop for Antelope and its Interfaces with Matlab and Python



Antelope Toolbox for Matlab (8MB) The Python Interface to Antelope (8MB) Automatic Event Location with Antelope (6MB) Generalized Event-driven Processing with Antelope (1MB) Seismic Array Processing with Antelope (1MB)

The motivation for this workshop was born in March of 2009 foreseeing the need for a broader understanding of antelope tools and its interfaces by PASSCAL staff and a group of researchers from New Mexico Tech (NMT).

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Passcalians Attend AGU Fall Meeting

The annual Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union is one of the largest and most interesting scientific conferences in the world. Some 15,000 scientists - from students to professional researchers, from small environmental analysis groups to huge government entities like NASA and NOAA - and a small troop from IRIS - gathered at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco for a week in mid-December 2009 to share their studies and recent results with each other, and with anyone curious enough to listen in.

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Batholiths Onland 2009

In July 2009, several IRIS/PASSCAL scientists assisted with the Batholiths Onland project. This large group effort involved over 50 scientists and grad students, for the purpose of making "a seismic refraction and wide-angle reflection survey across the Coast Mountains batholith of British Columbia, Canada."

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Shipping for Experiments


The cost of shipping PASSCAL equipment to and from field experiments is the responsibility of the requesting institution. Accurate estimates of these shipping costs are important because they may constitute a significant portion of project budget.

Shipping costs incurred by the PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) are billed to the experiment through IRIS Headquarters. Please allow 2 months for receipt of this bill. If you have not received a bill by this time please contact IRIS.

To obtain accurate price quotes from shipping companies, you will need:

point of origin  final destination  projected pick up date projected delivery date total number of pallets (including an individual piece count) total weight

volume (l x w x h)

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Shipping Information

These articles discuss various aspects of shipping for PASSCAL experiments. Shipping for Experiments: Policy Shipping Best Practices Shipping Glossary Of Terms Shipping Estimate Form ("The Shipping Calculator")

For shipping questions, please contact Jackie Gonzales, via jackie [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (e-mail), or at 575.835.5560

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Solar Panel Mounts Drawings

 Solar Panel Mount Drawings Angle Mount: 2x 80 Watt Solar Panels 7' x 4' x 6' 6" deployed 7' x 4' x 6" folded for transport 130 lbs complete Rock or snow deployment   Detailed Drawings Angle Mount rev C:  Assembly with BOM Rock Site Station


Stratavisor Datalogger


Suitable for seismic reflection, refraction, downhole, crosshole, tomography, surface wave, or marine surveys, and seismic monitoring. System is housed in portable, ruggedized case with built-in, daylight-visible 800x600 color LCD and thermal graphics printer.

Operates under Windows XP multi-tasking OS and runs on Pentium-class processor.

High-speed over-sampling combined with digital signal processing provide a 24-bit result using Crystal Semiconductor sigma-delta A/D converters.