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Here are some of the articles that have been recently posted to the PASSCAL website:

Shipping for Experiments


The cost of shipping PASSCAL equipment to and from field experiments is the responsibility of the requesting institution. Accurate estimates of these shipping costs are important because they may constitute a significant portion of project budget.

Shipping costs incurred by the PASSCAL Instrument Center (PIC) are billed to the experiment through IRIS Headquarters. Please allow 2 months for receipt of this bill. If you have not received a bill by this time please contact IRIS.

To obtain accurate price quotes from shipping companies, you will need:

point of origin  final destination  projected pick up date projected delivery date total number of pallets (including an individual piece count) total weight

volume (l x w x h)

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Shipping Information

These articles discuss various aspects of shipping for PASSCAL experiments. Shipping for Experiments: Policy Shipping Best Practices Shipping Glossary Of Terms Shipping Estimate Form ("The Shipping Calculator")

For shipping questions, please contact Jackie Gonzales, via jackie [at] passcal [dot] nmt [dot] edu (e-mail), or at 575.835.5560

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Solar Panel Mounts Drawings

 Solar Panel Mount Drawings Angle Mount: 2x 80 Watt Solar Panels 7' x 4' x 6' 6" deployed 7' x 4' x 6" folded for transport 130 lbs complete Rock or snow deployment   Detailed Drawings Angle Mount rev C:  Assembly with BOM Rock Site Station


Stratavisor Datalogger


Suitable for seismic reflection, refraction, downhole, crosshole, tomography, surface wave, or marine surveys, and seismic monitoring. System is housed in portable, ruggedized case with built-in, daylight-visible 800x600 color LCD and thermal graphics printer.

Operates under Windows XP multi-tasking OS and runs on Pentium-class processor.

High-speed over-sampling combined with digital signal processing provide a 24-bit result using Crystal Semiconductor sigma-delta A/D converters.

Multi-Channel Dataloggers

PASSCAL has been upgrading its pool of Multi-Channel Dataloggers in recent years to include multiple ES-3000 Geodes and a 60 Channel Strata View NZXP. These upgrades are also compatible with all of PASSCAL's Multi-Channel Cable System, which were originally purchased for use with the Geometrics StrataVisor NX. These  Units employ a new concept in portable exploration seismographs. They combine the ruggedness and high signal quality of a distributed system with the convenience and cost effectiveness of personal computer-based control devices. See Geode and Stratavisor Dataloggers for more Details.


Sensor Comparison Chart

Sensor Manufacturer Power Corner
Damping Sensitivity Poles and Zeroes               STS-2 Streckeisen 30 ma @ 12vdc 0.0083 Hz 0.707 critical 1500 v/m/s *Depends on generation:
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Flexible Array


The USArray Flexible Array is a pool of instruments that is available for PI-driven research projects associated with the goals of EarthScope.  This pool of instruments is housed at the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center located at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM. The pool consists of broadband (325), short-period (100), accelerometer (20), and controlled source (1700) stations. Using both natural and controlled sources, these portable instruments permit high-density, short-term observations of key targets within the footprint of the larger Transportable Array. USArray's flexible component offers exciting opportunities for a variety of focused investigations requiring higher-resolution images embedded within the context of the Transportable Array.

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New Mexico Tech to Expand PASSCAL Instrument Center

Daniel H. López, president of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech) in Socorro, authorized the expansion of the on-campus building that houses the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center and the EarthScope Array Operations Facility. The 1300 square foot addition, scheduled for completion in Spring 2009, will primarily provide laboratory and office space for PASSCAL’s recently expanded Polar Program activities supported primarily by the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs.

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The Flexible Array is a pool of portable seismic instruments supported by the Array Operations Facility at the PASSCAL Instrument Center. The instruments are available for PI-driven research projects associated with the goals of Earthscope. The pool consists of broadband (325), short-period (100), accelerometer (20), and controlled source (1700) stations. 

Poles and Zeroes

All poles and zeroes in radians/sec