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Here are some of the articles that have been recently posted to the PASSCAL website:

Offloading Data

Data that is recorded locally, as opposed to telemetered must be offloaded and stored.  The actual procedures for offloading data depend on type of DAS and the type of media that the data is recorded on.  Offloading should be done as soon as possible after visiting the site in order to secure the data.  If possible offloading and data review should be done close enough to the site so that, if a problem is detected, the site can be revisited.

In general the offload procedure is as follows.

1. Verify that there is the expected amount of data on the media.  If there is not the expected amount of data there may be a problem at the site.

2.  Offload the data.

3.  Verify that the size of the offloaded data corresponds to the amount of data that was on the media.

4.  Review the data for indications of station problems and for data integrity.

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"White Wanderer" Exhibit in Chicago joins Seismology and Art

An exhibit sponsored by the Natural Resources Defense Council has combined the work of University of Chicago seismological scientist Doug MacAyeal of with the art of Luftwerk, to produce an artistic rendition of the seismic "sounds" produced by climate change in the Antarctic. The exhibit opened with a live demonstration of seismic data acquisition, using instruments provided by IRIS/PASSCAL. The project was a collaboration with NRDC, with additional help from the University of Chicago, and was on display at Two Riverside Plaza, Chicago IL from Sept 7th – Oct 1st. 

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Smart Solo IGU-16HR 3C

The Smart Solo IGU-16HR 3C is a compact all-in-one 3-channel sensor & datalogger with onboard GPS timing, and a self-contained power supply. Similar to the FairfieldNodal ZLand 3C, it has been adopted by the academic community as a useful sensor for both active and short-term passive experiments.

The units require a pre-deployment plan to be filled out with the sample rate, gain, and minimum or linear phase specified. The units must be sent back to PASSCAL for data offload, unless the portable harvester system is requested for the experiment.


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Magseis Fairfield ZLand 3C Node - 3-Channel All in One, Sensor and Datalogger

The FairfieldNodal ZLand 3C is a compact all-in-one 3-channel sensor & datalogger with onboard GPS timing, and a self contained power supply. Originally designed for use in large N industry deployments, it has been adopted by the academic community as a useful sensor for both active and short-term passive deployments.

Unlike other sensors & dataloggers at PASSCAL, use of the ZLand 3C requires a deployment plan to be filed in advance with PASSCAL for handheld unit pre-programming.  Likewise, the units must be sent back to PASSCAL for data offload.

Pegasus Datalogger

The Pegasus is a 3 channel high-resolution data logger. It is very low power and easily configurable via a handheld device. The Pegasus is lightweight and small in form factor. The Pegasus has 32 gigabytes of internal recording space, and is downloaded via free software through USB. It supplies MiniSEED data along with StationXML to smoothly allow data archival. It also has built-in sensor controls, automatic mass re-centering, and calibration functions. The Pegasus is currently supplied as a set with a Trillium Compact sensor for a small station footprint and ease of installation.


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Nanometrics Trillium 120 Posthole Broadband Sensor

Note:  PASSCAL has purchased 11 Nanometrics Trillium 120PH seismometers.

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TA Installation in Alaska Now Complete

After covering the lower 48 United States from coast to coast with a grid of nearly 1700 sites, the last seismic station of the EarthScope Transportable Array has finally been installed in Alaska. IRIS has commemorated the event with a post titled "EarthScope’s Transportable Array Spans Alaska, the Last Frontier." The IRIS article includes a detailed map of the Alaska TA stations, highlighting the location of the final station A19K. 

List of PASSOFT Applications

The 24 applications provided in the latest PASSOFT installation include the following.

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